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Bartender's iPad

View and make incoming orders. Customer gets alerted when it’s ready for pickup

Take care of incoming orders

Overflow mobile drink ordering

Making patrons happier while increasing bar sales

Traditional Method

Problem: Patrons must wait in line to give you money

Overflow Method

Solution: Skip the line! Allow your patrons to order from their phone

Value: Increase bartender drink output by 15% on busy nights

With Overflow, your patrons can place drink orders without leaving their friends

Plus, they are browsing a menu customized to your drinks


No monthly fees
Hardware supplied
Free staff training
Free startup

Common Questions

How do we get paid?

Overflow delivers payment directly to your merchant account.

How do we load our menu into the app?

The Overflow team will set it up for you for free! Your staff can make changes anytime on the iPad afterwards.

Will we have to assign a bartender specifically for the app?

It is up to you! The iPad will get anyone of the bartenders’ attention through a subtle flash when new orders come in.

Why is it Free?

We monetize the app through supplier advertising. Allowing you to keep 100% of your sales growth.

Do Bartenders get tips?

Similar to Square POS, Overflow has a built-in tipping system. Your bartenders still get paid!

Do we have to change our POS?

No, keep your POS. Overflow is compatible with everything! It does not matter which POS you use, or even if you have one.

What fees do I pay?

Running Overflow is free!
You simply pay standard credit card processing fees for orders, probably the same as you’re already paying.

How does age verification work on your app?

Overflow has several layers of integrated age verification through the app. In addition, users are not charged for alcohol until they pick their drink up from your staff.