Overflow Drink Ordering

Serve more drinks
on all busy nights

Overflow mobile ordering app integrates with your POS allowing patrons to order from their phone at the establishment and pickup at the bar.

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Mobile Ordering Addon To Your POS

We provide a tablet that lists all the incoming orders. Easy for the bartender to checkoff.

Keep Your POS

Overflow integrates with the most popular POS systems.

Simple To Use

Your bar tender can serve a drink with one touch of the screen.

Your Patrons Can Order Faster

On those busy nights when standing in line disrupts their experience, your patrons can order from their phone, then pickup at the bar.

Increase Patron Satisfaction

Patrons can easily input an order without separating, they don't have to leave their friends till their drinks are ready to be picked up.

Automatic Payment - No walkouts!

Patrons cards are debited right after they pickup the drink. They don't have to open/close out the tab and you don't have to worry about a walk out.